Measure :

Bearing Capacity
Foundation Integrity
Hammer Performance
Pile Stress

With the

Pile Driving Analyzer

Pile Driving Analyzer acquire data from acceleration and strain sensors attached to the foundation and process these signals as the foundation elements is impacted by a pile driving hammer or other suitable drop weight. Etc.,

The Pile Driving Analyzer® (PDA) system is used for Dynamic Load Testing of any type of deep foundation (ASTM D4945) and for Pile Driving Monitoring. It assesses the capacity of several deep foundation elements, driven or cast-in-place, in a single day. PDAs also evaluate shaft integrity, driving stresses and hammer energy when monitoring installation of driven piles. 

Pile integrity Tester (PIT)

For Low Strain Integrity Testing

PIT performs Low Strain integrity testing, also called Sonic Echo or Pulse Echo Testing. The PIT may be used for auger cast-in-place piles and timber piles. It detects potentially dangerous defects.

The Pile Integrity Tester evaluates concrete or wood foundations for the presence of major cracks, voids, or reductions in diameter, following ASTM D5882.

Cross-Hole Analyzer (CHAMP)

For crosshole and single hole sonic logging

The Cross-Hole Analyzer determines the quality and consistency of the concrete of drilled shaft, slurry walls, bored piles, cast-in-situ piles and other type of concrete foundations.

Pile Instrumentation and Static Load Test Monitoring(IMLT)

With the

Displacement Transducer
Strain Gauge
Mechanical Telltale Extensometer
Load Cell
Data Logger


The pile is tested by applying a direct load as specified on the test pile where the load comprising of a Kentledge and concrete blocks (weighing 2.4 or 4.8 tons each) is brought to bea on the pile through 1000MT hydraulic jacks as per the load to be tested. The kentledge is prepared using steel girders of 600 mm x 800mmand 12-meter lengths.

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